Psychedelic Exploitation of Skulls

from by Necrovile

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Psychedelic Exploitation of Skulls

A battered comatose awakened strapped and gagged
Through clotted blood around the mouth you gasp for air
From dark corners reeks of carnage penetrate your nostrils
Utensils cold and rusted, next to your trembling torso

Fear grows as limbs go slowly numb
But from behind an unsuspecting blow

Sounds of splashing blood
A skewer drills bores into your cranium
Puncturing through the cavity
Barbaric face lift, sloppy craniotomy

Drill, drill,
Keep drilling
Drill, drill,
Release the brain matter

An act of surgery goes terribly wrong
As bloodstained surgeons do their way through brains

Blood sprays incessantly on my face, drives me insane
Cock throbbing, depraved erection
I'm fucking... through scraps of skull
Testicles smothered in gore

Convulsing skin, hallucinations
Stupefied by blood red splatter
An altered state of perversion
Involuntary self-inflicted trepanation


from Engorging the Devourmental Void, released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Necrovile Alba Iulia, Romania

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